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Ingenium-Canada Science and Technology Museum

The Canada Science and Technology Museum has worked to integrate accessibility from the very beginning of their plans. People with disabilities – and the technology developed for and by them- are featured in exhibits throughout the museum. Exhibitions in the museum were developed according to accessibility standards and the building was designed based on the City of Ottawa standards. The museum has received the highest level of certification by the Rick Hansen Foundation. Some accessibility features include level floors, a snow melt system, accessible seating, assistive listening systems, height of text & colour contrasts within the exhibits, legibility of texts, and multisensory experiences. The visually impaired also can use the app ‘key to access’ during their experience. There are family care rooms and gender neutral washrooms distributed throughout the museum. Service animals are allowed and personal support workers are offered free admission. The Museum is currently working with different communities to help develop an accessibility app aimed at enhancing the museum’s experience for all visitors.

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